1. how to purchase clothing that actually flatter
    • don’t look at the designer or the model wearing the clothes
      • these are photographs of people who don’t share your body type, skin color, and height with photoshop or special lighting and makeup in picturesque backgrounds. don’t purchase how you feel when you look at an artistic and stylized picture
      • designer clothing used to mean that it’s expensive because it’s high quality –colors, fibers, fabric design, creative construction, professional finish, fitted. However, current designer clothing lack many true markers of high quality. many clothing are made with synthetic fibers, and poor fit. Current designer clothing is expensive because they’ve marketed and changed the opinion of many who believe that markers of designer clothing show high social status despite it’s poor quality. Don’t buy the illusion that because it’s expensive, it’s high quality. You are trying to buy status or flaunt status. Buy clothes.
      • don’t choose designer clothing to appear rich. you will look garish, pretentious, and greedy. if you want attention or to wow someone with your appearance, use high quality fabric, high quality construction, flattering colors and accents, fit, and a low fat high muscle tone body. the moment you open your mouth or the way you behave around another will determine how much attention you deserve or the kind of positive or negative affect you have on the lives of others
    • look at the content and look for 100% natural fibers
      • natural fibers include: cotton, linen, silk, ramie, wool, fur, mohair, alpaca, angora, suede, leather
    • have a blank state of low fat levels and high muscle levels
      • eat fibrous and starchy vegetables, seafood, fruit, nut, seed, seaweed for nutrition. quit processed foods with no nutrition value and addictive taste
      • exercise to build muscle
    • wear clothing that fit at the shoulders, waist, hip, legs, arms
      • no ‘boxy’ silouhette unless you want to look like a box
      • no ‘bat wings’ unless you want to look like a bat
      • no ‘baggy sweater’ unless you want to look like a bag
    • wear colors that will invite people in or give off a positive/intended/warm impression
      • light allows us to take in more information whereas dark allows us to take little information with our eyes; therefore, wear light colors like white and icy colors for an open, fresh, feminine look
      • wear black or dark hues of colors for a mysterious, masculine look
      • graphic lines, accents, appliques like visible buttons, zippers, patches, bows, strings, beading and embroidery, extra fabric such as draping/ruffles/shirring/pleats that are colored can draw attention to a specific body part so think about how that can be used to draw attention to specific parts of your body or give an illusionary look about the shape of your body to balance things out
    • to look fancy or good, it’s about the quality of the fabric so wear expensive fibers
      • natural fibers have a good relationship to your skin and outside temperature
      • learn to mix and coordinate textures by understanding the types of weaves, knits, crochet, netting patterns. Type of fabrics is what makes a fabric is a velvet, a satin, a chiffon, stretchy, soft, stiff, a tweed, light, weighted, flowy
    • to look fancy or good, it’s about the fit and construction of the finished piece of clothing so wear clothing that were expertly constructed
      • fits your body
      • has interesting architecture to balance out your body type and flatter you the most based on the length of your torso vs legs, your height, your width of hips/breast/shoulders
      • when you wear clothing, it shapes how people view you because they are looking at the fabric and the construction so it’s important to wear something that is sculptural and pleasing to look at from all angles
    • wear modest clothing
      • cover your arms, legs, feet, hands, and chest
        • protect your skin from the sun
      • revealing skin is a strange thing to do. if you can cover up to protect your skin then do it
      • modest does not mean frumpy to hide your body. Modest meaning cover the skin but wear fitted clothing
  2. Change your mindset about what clothes are
    • Clothes will not get you friends who care about you, enjoy spending quality time with you, positively influence you, or share positive life decisions
    • Clothes will not make you happier or more attractive. The kind of person you are –what beliefs you have, how you change your surroundings, how you communicate with people, how you use your capabilities, how you influence the minds of others, how you take care of your well being will determine your level of happiness and attractiveness. So don’t purchase a piece of new clothing because you feel like you will look desirable wearing it because of its price tag, branding, model and photo.
    • Clothes will not get you a romantic partner who you will share a special bond with and trust
    • Clothes will not impress people in the long term
    • The amount of money you spend on your wardrobe does not say anything about your level of status or affect in others’ lives
    • —On the contrary—
    • Clothes will get your foot in the door because people judge on what they see before they see how you behave and the words you say. So wearing fitted, flattering colors, well constructed fabrics will exude class, artful beauty and intelligence. To actually enter the door into forming positive relationships with friends, employers, and romantic partners, you will need a positive lifestyle filled with trust worthy actions, healthy decision making, activity and intelligence
    • Clothes will determine how you feel because it is a tool. Certain colors, textures, and weight will determine how you feel because you are covering your body with it. It is the way you express yourself.
    • Taking good care of your clothes and purchasing high quality fiber and construction will be of great benefit to you socially and personally.
  3. Where to purchase high quality fabrics or finished clothing pieces made with high quality construction
    • or online carry 100% natural fibers with various textures, weights and colors
    • make your own fabrics with knit, crochet, or net using needles and yarn/thread
    • nordstrom, bloomingdales, bergdorf goodman, neiman marcus, net-a-porter, barneys, saks fifth avenue carry clothing that are high quality construction and high quality, 100% natural fabric
    • learn to sew, drape, and tailor and make your own clothes
    • purchase from me… coming soon
  4. How to take care of clothing
    1. learn on google


idea for a doll/book… to teach about coloring, textures, a talking doll… AI doll with various clothing


Free yourself from violent addictions

Violence means physical harm. Emotional harm is violence.

How about emotional harm that leads to making decisions that lead to physical harm?


It is violence when there is sexual desire and act on that desire outside the context of a relationship trustworthy and safe enough to share bodies and be completely alone together.

Relieving sexual desire by having sexual thoughts about someone, watching sexual behavior that is not yourself and a loving partner, reading sexual content, paying for sexual behavior is violence. All of the above are behaviors that people hide and go to because they have no trusting relationship to engage and share sexual desire with. Using content and fantasies to relieve sexual desire can start off as a way to cope with isolation, pain, stress, hormonal sexual desire, but it will become a secret, a habit, an addiction, a false belief that is ok to use other people that you are not trusting of to use as your sexual relief. It is dangerous and is a form of self-harm and can branch out to become harmful to other people. Stay away from sexual desire, sexual pursuit outside of a loving relationship with someone you respect and trust. Instead, do work on your attractiveness by being healthy in the form of exercise, strength building, flexibility, eating live foods, drinking a lot of water, learning and reading valid sources, seeking help from people who know more about a subject, learning from people such as teachers leaders coaches trainers, and working on projects with peers.

Relieving hunger by eating processed foods, eating out, eating any foods prepped by someone else you don’t know or trust is trouble. When your body signals hunger, it is seeking nutrients. It is not seeking a pleasurable experience. Stop trusting people who are out to get your money, that are behind billion dollar corporations which means intelligence and research into getting your money in their hands. Do trust what nature gave you, and what organic farmers do for you. Buy organic vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, seafood. Drink water, get outside to walk, exercise, learn to cook your own food. Stop trusting people who are not there to help you.


having boundaries

it is important to have boundaries.

lack of boundaries lead to activities that were not consented to,

dangerous situation that you would not have predicted or known to exist,

broken trust (because it was never there, never should’ve freely given).


don’t meet strangers completely isolated from a professional context

don’t physically engage or emotionally confide in strangers within first meeting

don’t emotionally confide in “friends”

really get to know people, in their personal lives before opening up your personal life

your personal life includes your body, information about where you live and work and enjoy going to, what you are planning on doing, where you are planning on going

don’t eat foods made by people you don’t know. aka processed foods, eating out

don’t accept content made by people you don’t trust: internet articles, movies, stories on the internet, tv shows, music

don’t answer questions about yourself to be polite. always say no if you don’t want to

don’t be polite to anyone and let them convince you, push you, force you to do anything that wasn’t your idea


do read books written by people who have seriously done their research and have educated themselves

do get advice from people who have made right decisions and have achieved positive results

do get to know people in different contexts

do spend time in scheduled activities such as exercise, cooking class, classroom, collaborating on a project, discussion, boot camp

do confide in professional counselors, and trustworthy friends and family

tell people things about yourself only when you feel ready to

Design Portfolio


  1. choose fabric/yarn-soft, fuzzy
  2. think about art, sculpture, color, print, 3d, geometry, topology, visual effects, body shape
  3. think about movement- drapeydrapey and bodycon

three things: fit, color/design, quality

soft and light yarn, needle size 1 so there is no gap or 6-12 for airy bouncy design

rasp red

blue red

wine purple

forest/emerald green



icy cool yellow

icy cool blue

icy cool red

icy cool green

icy cool purple

How to simple, easy, healthy eating

Eating healthy foods such as vegetables, spices, nuts, seeds, seafood, egg.

Using methods such as roasting, boiling, saute-ing, spiralizing.

Eat triple washed vegetables and fresh sliced cucumber, celery…

Eat avocados.

Roast any vegetable (1-2 pounds) and seafood at 375 degrees from 30-60 mins

-spread little oil on pan, preheat oven and pan, open oven and place vegetables on pan

-vegetables I’ve tried are green beans, spinach, kale, cauliflowers, broccoli, cabbage, potatoes

-seafood I’ve tried is bay scallops

Use spiralizer or food chopping processor on any vegetable

Eat nuts and seeds

Use kombu and spices during beginning to end of cooking to flavor the food