Enjoy and learn. Your life is precious. Nurture your body, find your vision that will tickle you with joy and shake with excitement. Choose your destiny by working hard to create your vision reality. This is my gift to you. Thrive, love, and play.

Why we don’t do what we believe we want to do:

  1. We don’t know what we REALLY want because we haven’t reflected on our values and dreams: we lack conviction. Rather, we are focused on our desire for consumption of media, food, attention, products, services, luxuries, and experiences. We are focused on how the world isn’t the way it should be. We complain, pout, and criticize.Flip over–> Find your vision for humanity and create your ideal world with conviction in your heart. Conviction will feel like vibrating energy in your chest. Accept that the way things are, are perfect the way they are. Start from observing the present moment and condition. What is the biggest issue in the world that you can tackle? One that will benefit you and everyone else? “A nation is born stoic and dies epicurean.” If you want to create your vision,  you have to work hard and stay focused rather than spending time entertaining yourself and stimulating your senses. Creating your vision will bring you infinite happiness and fulfillment. Enter the flow state.
  2. We are suffering from psychological and physical pain because we believe we have no power: depression, anxiety, depersonalization symptoms, rumination, and judgmental thinking. When we are thinking about how life is hopeless, there is no meaning to life, how nothing is fun to us, how we are a failure, how people are mean to us, how we have no support, we can’t move on. We need empowerment. We need to know that we are capable, we are intelligent, we are problem solvers, we are amazing, we are resourceful, and we can make change. But now, we lack focus, suffer from nutritional stress because we overeat or eat processed foods rather than wholesome, natural foods. We feel physically ill because we don’t drink water or move during the day. We are surrounded by people who are unhappy, angry, driven by fear.Flip over–>the way to cure the pain your mind is causing you is by breathing gently and deeply; realize that there is no threat to your life, this instant. All of your worries about unsolved problems, including financial burdens, no time, emotional abuse, physical abuse can be defeated. You have the power to walk away from things that are hurting you. Stop eating junk food, stop the time wasters. Stop self medicating with alcohol or drugs. Your real and bitter medicine will be knowing the truth about your abilities and about the Universe. You have the power to reach out to get help. You have the power to have something to look forward to, to change the world into a better world for yourself and everyone else. You have the power to appreciate everything there is. Appreciate your life. Remember that the only control you have is the control of your mind and actions. Let everyone, every situation, everything around you be free to be how they are; you have no control over the law of physics in the world. The world is chaos. So are you. Allow yourself the freedom to look, think, feel, and act as you are. True freedom will feel like bliss. Then change your thoughts and actions to the kind that resonate with you. Perceive the world and yourself. Don’t judge the world and yourself.
  3. We don’t understand our place in the world.–Flip over–>In space and time, you are a dot. The Universe is infinite. You are in full connection with the Universe, but your experience of the Universe is finite because you will die. In the place of the world, you are a human. You have human needs of community, emotional support, food, water, health, and vision. Nurture yourself, experience yourself, and know yourself, have fun, be excited, be happy, connect with people and nature. Remember and realize that you will never experience the past or future. The only experience you will experience your whole life is right now, this moment. So what makes you think that you will be happy in the future? No. If you want to be happy, then be happy now. Breathe in oxygen and love around you. Breathe out judgments, worries, shouldve’s-couldve’s-wouldve’s. Observe the state of things for how they are now. Observe how you feel, what you think about, how you act, how you present yourself, how you react to things, what kind of expectations you hold onto. When you die you will no longer experience life. What is in your control is your destiny. Take control by creating your vision for humanity. Seed your vision in your heart. Feel the world with your heart. Connect to people with your love. Then water and nurture your vision by nurturing yourself and and using your brain to learn skills and solve problems to create your vision in the world. When you are in agreement with humanity, you are in agreement with yourself. Be gentle, bright, generous, receptive, warm, and focused; such is your nature.–>What next step can I take?<–
  4. What are some things others are doing to better our community=humanity?

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