What do I mean by a vision for you and humanity?


Look around –What are the obviously important things? Health and love, right? Some people think that happiness can be achieved by performing specific actions like wake up at X am, meditate for X minutes, exercise for X minutes, eat between the hours of X am and X pm, speak to a stranger X times a day, laugh X times a day, appreciating X things, make X amount of money to support X standard of living… But that is like trying to tell someone who isn’t a duck to quack like a duck, wear yellow fur and beaks with webbed feet shoes and it’ll make the person a duck. No….. happiness is right here for us. We embody happiness. If we can’t see it then we can’t feel it. It’s like wearing nohappiness-colored-glasses, happiness is filtered out. Happiness is a state that we are in because it is simply the way we experience everything. Happiness isn’t an emotional event. It feels like a wave that moves. It’s always there, it might shrink momentarily as a physiological and psychological response if our lives are in threat, or expand when we get excited while spending time with someone we love to laugh with.


= If you are feeling peaceful and receptive to everything around you now and every moment, if you accept that the future is uncertain, if you accept that everything is changing as yourself, then you will know that you are embodying happiness.


Happiness isn’t an equation of actions summed up. Happiness is a state of being, the way we experience life, the way we connect to life. So, our actions will show that we are genuinely happy because we will naturally take care of our health, spend fun times with people, be environmentally conscious, learn a skill to create something that will better the world…. Life is spontaneous, yet has its rhythms. A tree isn’t concerned about the winter coming to strip its leaves or a mother bird gathering branches to create a nest on its branches. A tree adapts to its environment as its environment adapts to the tree. Happiness is about connecting and adapting and living in harmony with everything. There is a difference between selfishness, self+humanity, and selflessness. Don’t be selfish or selfless. When we are selfish, we are denying humanity, which is a denial of ourselves because we belong in community. When we are selfless, we are denying ourselves, which is a denial of community because we need to be self sufficient, enjoying our lives, and nourishing ourselves in order to be a supporting member of the community. Community is about a shared experience. That’s why it feels amazing to spend time with people we genuinely feel good around. Because it is the ultimate feeling of connection. Happiness is when we realize our connection is not only with awesome people.
Happiness is connection with knowing who you are, creating your vision for you+humanity, enjoying life, connecting with the rhythms of nature, and being here in space and now in time by engaging all of your senses to experiencing fully. You want to be someone who is independent in the heart yet connects with all else with the same heart.


Sincerely with love,

Haeun Héloïse Kim

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