Pg 4- How! to Kill every Doubt(?) you have

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Scene 11

I want to drink drink drink. I want to get lost in a crowd

and dance all of my pain, sadness, loneliness away.

I suck.

I’m unworthy. I’m unhappy. I can’t get motivated.

I’m such a child.


“I’m a happy fairy.

I don’t waste my time on dwelling on negative feelings or the past.

I know I’m amazing, and I know I want excellence to be my habit;

because I have a responsibility of directing my destiny.

I will remove distractions and try to play in an environment

where I can be creative, learning, and focused. “

Scene 12

(Person) acts like a jerk.

His negativity spreads, it’s gross and stressful;

plus, I can’t avoid it because we live in a small home

and I’m in the living room.


“I’m a happy fairy. I have a big heart.

I accept things the way they are.

Negative things may bother me,

but I’d rather think about what is going well for me.

It is up to me to fight my distractions so that I can

work toward my dream future.”

Scene 13

You aren’t smart enough, disciplined enough, responsible enough

to be a professional or open a business.

Look back at how you spent your 22 years of life,

your surrounding people, and your daily routine. You can’t even get up on time.


“I’m a happy fairy. I know I’m amazing

because I have a kind heart.

I’m gentle, value driven, take responsibility for my actions.

Ultimately, my life.

My values are to be healthy, dream about the world

as one happy whole: warm, generous, and bright.

I make my destiny. I don’t doubt the goodness in my heart.

I will do what I’m capable of. I know nothing is impossible.

I will live my day to day life with value driven purpose, energy and joy.

I will not accept failure.

I will accept love.”

Scene 14

I feel suffocated, negative, jealous, unhappy around these people

at the library. I feel sick, anxious, nostalgic, frustrated, and confused.

I want to stuff my face with food and go to sleep to sabotage myself.

This reminds me of Cornell.

I feel so so sick,

almost angry.


“I’m a happy fairy.

My body feels bad, because it remembers my years of confusion

and feelings of inadequacy.

But in reality, I’m happy to be surrounded by people who are focused and

to be in this wonderful library with less distractions, and amazing facilities.

I’m progressing each day.

I have the power to enjoy and be responsible for my life.

I’m on Earth, doing what I can.”


“I’m a happy fairy.

I look up to the sky.

I realize my worries and fears fade to the stars.

I have my hopes and wishes to guide me.

I will do what I enjoy.”


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