Pg 3- How! to Kill every Doubt(?) you have

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Scene 6

I want to sabotage my body because I feel bad because I feel

emotionally dependent on others for attention, love and validation.

I will sleep excessively, eat unhealthy, processed food,

not work toward my goals, dwell on the past, and be dirty.


“I’m a happy fairy. I enjoy being beautiful,

light-hearted, flying around, smelling flowers,

talking to my neighbors, giving help, eating sweet berries,

cooked hearty soup, light salad with nuts, and

I know I’m one happy fairy. I hope for the future.”

Scene 7

I feel stuck in this forest. I feel unhappy. I feel bored.

I feel I am not reaching my potential. I’m just a fairy.


I’m a happy fairy. I am what I am. I try my best.

I am patient. I will play play play and use my strengths.

I’m awesome.

Scene 8

I feel weak, insignificant. I feel not good enough. I feel alone, poor,

fat, unhealthy. I feel stressed, tortured,


I feel cold, dirty, and sad.


“I’m a happy fairy. I’ve been working hard to be responsible

and independent. Change is stressful,

but I can do this because I have wings. I may be small

but I have an amazing smile and warm heart. I am gentle and beautiful.

I will work and play toward my dreams.

Scene 9

I feel undesirable or unloved when (giant) isn’t affectionate to me.

I feel jealous or worried

he’ll leave me when he told me he talked to (another female fairy.)

I feel like I’m just waiting for him

about when to meet. We make last minute plans.


“I’m a happy fairy.

I accept my feelings as they are. I’ll accept (giant) as he is.

I’ll think about what I’d like to do with him and

tell him what I want.

He likes to please me.

Scene 10

I feel alone even with people I love. I wonder why I live in this forest.

I wonder what is the whole point of wake up,

shower, do do do, eat, chat, and sleep. Life feels so hard.

Life feels meaningless, then I die.


“I’m a happy fairy. I’m surrounded by beauty.0d6fd68b540383599c98e26c8bb0d5bb

Beauty of the forest, the birds, the scents of nature, laughter,

tears and love.

Those thoughts and feelings are just passing feelings of doubt

and sadness

for what is already gone. I live because I am here,

but also because of the possibilities. I shower in joy.”

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