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Happy Fairy

by Haeun Héloïse Kim

Inspiration: Thumbelina, Fern Gully & The Little Princess



Q: What would she do?

Scene 1

You suck! You’re selfish! You’re a crappy child!



“I’m a happy fairy,

light as a feather, kind as a flower.

I’m who I want to be.”

Scene 2

You have a bitch face. You’re stuck up. You’re a loser.


“I’m a happy fairy. I’m amazing. I’m kind.0d6fd68b540383599c98e26c8bb0d5bb

I’m loving.

I’m generous. I stand up for myself by leaving those

who criticize me to hurt me.”

Scene 3

Why are you speaking to me like that?! You are a rude child!

You are lazy!


0d6fd68b540383599c98e26c8bb0d5bb“I’m a happy fairy. I still love my mom. It hurts when

 she says hurtful things to me.

I feel pain, but I have things to do, a life to live.”

Scene 4

You’re insignificant.


“I’m a happy fairy. Your judgments are a 0d6fd68b540383599c98e26c8bb0d5bbreflection of your values.

I am free of your opinions. I will fly away

from  you because I’d rather be with someone who

values me.”

Scene 5

You’re a bad child. You’re a disrespect, a dishonor to

your family. You are using us.


“I’m a happy fairy. I try my best to be a loving daughter.

I appreciate my parents. It hurts me to hear my parents0d6fd68b540383599c98e26c8bb0d5bb

feel differently. I’m learning to be independent and lead my life.

In order to do so,

I need space to think on my

own and make decisions.

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