The Gift of the Sea

*The language in this book feels like waves, gently swishing me in all directions with the rhythms of life. Read this book. Understand and feel love, patience, and gentleness in life.

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Fascinating Womanhood

*This book talks about womanhood and how women should be angelic and childlike. Some people interpret its message as one that tells women to manipulate men they love by acting subservient, dependent and dumb. However, the true message behind this book is that attraction comes from differences in men and women; women like to be adored, while men like to be admired. Child-likeness and innocence the book is referring to is about an attitude of trust, non-questioning, and freedom in a relationship. To interpret child-likeness as immature or incapable is incomplete and inapplicable for a book about an ideal dynamic between a man and a woman. Take away the beneficial message in this book: how to love a man by giving him the freedom to be who he is, while embracing yourself to be who you are as a resonating, loving, receptive, focused, out-spoken, and bright woman. This book should not be read as a book telling women to manipulate their men. This book is about living life as a happy, sensual and peaceful woman, with a man who is also happy, respectful, and admirable. Love cannot exist between two troubled people. The kind of love Andelin is trying to portray is one between two people who already have their heart and mind in a good place: who aren’t emotionally dependent on each other, fearful of losing each other, or trying to fit one another into square holes of husband role or wife role. I recommend books, The Gift of the Sea(scroll up a bit) and The Mastery of Love-Toltec wisdom, if you want to understand a bigger picture about life, love, and virtue in order to understand Andelin’s book which is more specific about the dynamics between a man and a woman.

The Little Prince

*At this time, I was struggling with my desire to be extraordinarily physically beautiful, live extravagantly–leading a glamorous life. But I read this book and it struck me how self-centered I was. I felt embarrassed and it changed my perspective about chasing prestige, money, and re put my focus on childlike innocence, love, and relationships.

Straight A Student

*Maintaining focus and succeeding in academics by time management and prioritization technique

Toltec Wisdom

*Knowing that I have an unlimited supply of love(pizza,) so I’m not ever limited to an illusion that I can’t get the food=pizza=nourishment-love I need. I’m renewing, recharging, replenishing without trying to gain attention, approval, acceptance by other human beings. I’m free to be me.

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Leo Tolstoy Metaphysics


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