Life | Philosophy | Direction

Life is a Game, Here is Your Strategy Guide

Strange Questions to Your Life Purpose

Awesome, radical guide to MINIMALISM: get rid of stuff, make room for love and fun


Your History

Moments of life vs. Whole picture of life

Your diamonds in life: Time

Questioning self


1 thought on “Life | Philosophy | Direction”

  1. […] We don’t understand our place in the world.–Flip over–>In space and time, you are a dot. The Universe is infinite. You are in full connection with the Universe, but your experience of the Universe is finite because you will die. In the place of the world, you are a human. You have human needs of community, emotional support, food, water, health, and vision. Nurture yourself, experience yourself, and know yourself, have fun, be excited, be happy, connect with people and nature. Remember and realize that you will never experience the past or future. The only experience you will experience your whole life is right now, this moment. So what makes you think that you will be happy in the future? No. If you want to be happy, then be happy now. Breathe in oxygen and love around you. Breathe out judgments, worries, shouldve’s-couldve’s-wouldve’s. Observe the state of things for how they are now. Observe how you feel, what you think about, how you act, how you present yourself, how you react to things, what kind of expectations you hold onto. When you die you will no longer experience life. What is in your control is your destiny. Take control by creating your vision for humanity. Seed your vision in your heart. Feel the world with your heart. Connect to people with your love. Then water and nurture your vision by nurturing yourself and and using your brain to learn skills and solve problems to create your vision in the world. When you are in agreement with humanity, you are in agreement with yourself. Be gentle, bright, generous, receptive, warm, and focused; such is your nature.–>What next step can I take?<– […]


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