Self Assessment

Holland Code *Use with Myers Brigg

The temperament discovery system Kiersey’s temperament theory

-Read about your Myers Briggs type: Kiersey and Stellar Maze

Stellar Maze *Learning about my nature as an intuitive-feeler, I gained the courage to listen within. I awakened, and realized that I was surrounded by clutter, so I packed things up using the method of remove 2.books 3.all else in Magic of Tidying Up, sold my possessions on Ebay, used some aspects of Fung Shui interior decor to get rid of negative energy(my gloomy-sentimental art work), re-positioned my bed, and decided to use my home to be a place of rest and comfort rather than a place to accumulate stuff that didn’t have much meaning to me; the fun is outside, and the adventure is outside. –I began to flow-play. I learned about other intuitive-feeler types who did work that I admire, the change in the world that I wished for. I remembered my childhood; I recalled feelings of joy, presence, and possibilities. The feelings really helped me to start my journey in understanding the world and my place in it. I understood the feelings: the feelings of being connected, of adapting to the environment, of curiosity, of perceiving the world, and of having good intentions no matter who hurts me or what kind of challenges I face. Stellar Maze will be a great resource for you to understand the metaphysical. Note: I read the myers brigg parts and disregarded the astrology.


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