Why empower and educate?

Traditional education does not address the importance of metaphysical matters.

It does not teach virtue.

It does not teach intuition.

It does not teach connection to life.

:what matters to us, and why love, kindness, and harmony are the values that govern our world. 

It does not teach the wholeness of life.

When we are born, we use our intuition, but as we enter traditional education, relationships with people, start working and getting focused in school, we forget who we truly are and forget the wholeness of life. We may fall into despair after failure: failure in any aspect of life, unless someone else shows us what is true about life–that we don’t have to be hopeless and give up.

–>The issue with empowerment-philosophy-enlightenment is that it’s something true, intuitive, and seemingly obvious that people don’t really care to teach it in manner that saves time.

People learn virtue and wisdom over time via interpersonal mistakes and successes, mirroring mentors or role models, trials and errors in all aspects of life.

But how about those people who don’t have such role model in their vicinity? Or those who go through life in silent suffering or confusion? 

It’s essential for a being to be enlightened to live fully with no confusion.

It doesn’t matter if you’re rich, powerful, extremely skilled in something or at the other spectrum: poor and jobless, have struggled with mental illness or general dissatisfaction with life.

Philosophy, enlightenment, and virtue are the matters of metaphysical. And it is the metaphysical that governs life. To understand and know the metaphysical gives a person freedom, understanding, and direction for everything in life. 

There are so many aspects to life and to think that one has all wisdom, all of the how to’s including an understanding of the metaphysical, under one’s belt is rare. However, with the help of technology and online communities, the exchange of resources, how to’s, information gives people access to interviews of successful people, happy people, and enlightened people.

My aim for this website is to make it a platform where all people can learn something, especially the metaphysical. Enlightenment is what people are missing out the most. Enlightenment isn’t a spiritual momentary high or a divine connection with God that lasts moments. Enlightenment is about being connected to everything that is happening around us, our intuition being turned on fully, so that we know what to do in every second of our lives. Enlightenment will help people to know what they have to do, or know what they want to do, and know who or how to ask help to. Because they will always be listening to what is happening around them and in themselves.

Specifically, I will share knowledge about relationship happiness, living in the moment, how to deal with stress, and how to advocate for oneself.

This website is about building a foundation for your life, so that when you have this wisdom and spark of intuition in yourself, then you can do anything in life that you wish to do, that is the right thing to do.

Traditional education has a lot of focus on learning skills, specialization, learning the value of hard work, learning how to team work. But it doesn’t address the metaphysical matters that will matter to a person for every second of one’s life. And that is truly important for it will shape our world.

It’s a core of life to be connected, to feel good, to know what you are worth, to know how to love people, to know how to receive, and to know how to have fun.


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