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It’s so important to understand the big picture. I’ve done research regarding curing depression, and there is so much information about it. But at the core of it is a terribly unhealthy mind that is so far down that it would be difficult to get back up. You must try and try to get yourself out. Just remember the world doesn’t revolve around you. But you have a responsibility with the life you are. So be life, be order, be beauty, be magnetic, be energetic, be sad, be happy, jump up and down, dance, laugh, watch funny things, cry, be emotional, hug hard, gently kiss, feel the wind, smile with the cold, watch every breath, try to observe everything, try not thinking at all, make a bucket list of everything you want everyday, imagine yourself as who you really are, live that energy, breathe excitement in the air, do your laundry, do what you’ve always wanted to do but never have, do something new.


Accept yourself at your state, accept everything the way it is, don’t deny anything, see how you have moved forward with a positive mindset and hope. Stop complaining, it is your negative mind complaining, see appreciation in everything. There isn’t anything wrong with people.


To fight depression you must realize that you are strong. Yes it sucks you aren’t the most beautiful or the strongest or the tallest or the richest or the smartest.*Which are simply your thoughts and judgments against yourself*

But you have something. It’s your duty to be a responsible human being of your own life.

Because, you don’t like how things are right now. You don’t care for yourself, you are unhappy and blaming, putting yourself under so much psychological harassment by thinking negative thoughts, remembering negative events over and over again in your head.

Start caring for yourself. Start investing in yourself. Realize that if you aren’t responsible over your life, you will die.

Everything might go against you, but you have to keep fighting and working hard, so that you can support yourself, enjoy yourself and do what you like to do.


Q. What do you look like? *hairstyle, facial features, height, muscle mass, bone structure*

Q. How do you present yourself?  *facial expressions, body language, clothing, accessories*

Q. How do you interact with people? *level of receptivity:

| aloof, cold<—>warm |

| ignore<—>generous |

| seem bored <—> bright |

| defensive, no listening <—> listening, nonjudgmental |*

Q. How reactive are you to events or people?

Q. What kind of threats do you anticipate? *your fears about the future

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