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Another important part of depression is to find someone who will help the person to spew out all of the negative, hurtful feelings, pain, frustration, anger, insecurities. Most likely, it will be a good idea to find a professional counselor, someone who uses specific techniques to heal rather than simple talk therapy. Talk therapy opens up for great discussion and time for reflection, however it may not have enough direction or goals to help one to apply the ideas or have a way to really get to the deep aspects of one’s uhealthy psychology. A more goal oriented method such as EMDR may help. EMDR uses the method of finding bodily feelings and linking them to current negative beliefs about oneself by bringing up stories, imaginations, thoughts, associations, past memories, future worries to really make connections and help one see where they went off their true road. This method is helpful because it relieves anxieties. When anxieties are relieved, throughout the week, one is able to make more healthy choices such as getting to bed on time, sticking with a routine, doing things that reduces anxiety with excitement or relaxation.


The way I am sharing this knowledge may come off as clinical or overly authoritative: this is the only way and you must do this. However, this is the extent of my knowledge. I had a long time and trouble fighting depression.


Depression is very complicated and it cannot be simplified to saying you must do this this this such as, you must exercise because it feels good, eat healthy because you are what you eat, or get dressed and go outside.


Depression is really the problem of the mind. When the mind skews all the ways of the world, it is difficult to do anything. And so doing the things one is supposed to do becomes another challenge and another thing to beat oneself over. You must be patient and allow your own intuition or true desire to be healthy to emerge. Constantly allow yourself to resonate with things that are happening. It will be difficult as you may want to sleep all the time, or drown yourself in sensations. But try to remember that people are out there, creating beauty, order, finding love, feeling connection, understanding the world. We are all in this together. This is the only world we know. So when you are at rock bottom, try listening to an idealistic or classic love song, watching a romantic, classic movie, a documentary about the progress of one’s growth and challenges, or getting into a deep conversation with someone. Open yourself up, and you will receive the help you need. You have to keep trying and find just one reason to. Find one hope and go with it. Because life is about taking one step at a time. There is a lot of room for mistakes and failure. Isn’t that humanity? Create order and beauty rather than disorder and ugliness. Get yourself together, read quotes, read books, watch movies, go to a play, look at a masterpiece, experience something amazing. Don’t lose hope.


After indulging in your senses to remind you that life is enjoyable, it is your turn to create something.


This step is essential because you are not a robot. If anything, you are a creating robot. You are hard wired to want to live and reproduce. So get to work. Find someone, an image you look up to. Look at what they are doing, imagine how they live their life. Realize that you don’t need money to be like them. Get up out of bed, take a shower, clean up your surroundings, go to a cafe, or stay in your room and get to work. Pour out what is inside you. Aim to create. If you read, reflect on it. You are like a bird. A bird doesn’t sing because it has answers. It sings because it has a song to share and because it can. So learn who you are, what you are capable of, what you see in the world, what progress you can bring to the world. A good way to start is think about where you receive most value. It may be your relationships, your computer, transportation, and food. Then think of a way that you can return value or raise the value. Then you will get started.


Q. What are your physical capabilities? *can lift heavy weights? run? flexible?*

Q. What are your mental capabilities? *ability to solve problems? your academic performance? writing skills?*


Appreciate everything, every breath, because really, try to imagine death. It will all be over and all of your potential to be great will be gone. Wouldn’t that be a waste? Wouldn’t it have been fun to really live your life by enjoying what you enjoy and giving value with what you are capable of? To connect with others, to progress humankind, to create beautiful things, to listen to beautiful stories, to be humble, to help another person out of their deep hole of miseries, and just experience life by taking every breath and feeling food in your mouth?


There is no time to worry or agonize over someone who did you wrong and grumble about how less conventionally attractive you are or how less resources you have. Socrates said to channel your energy forward, not backward. If you are constantly thinking about how you don’t have, how you aren’t enough, how you can’t do something then that’s the extent of your ability. Instead, think about who you are, what you look like, what you are able to do, what you know, what resources you have, the people you are surrounded by, where you live, how your body is moving for you, how your heart beats for you. Then build from there. Because you will get somewhere. Don’t compare yourself to put you down. Compare yourself to see how much they can do with what they had and how you can copy that and use that same energy in your life to be great. Don’t despair that life is unfair. Life is not about fairness. The world does not revolve around what you can have and what you want. The world happens and it is your job to go for what you want, do what you need to or want to do to be a part of the world, and understand the world.

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