Pg 2-Depression and Self-Awareness Workbook

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There are numerous ways of coming out of depression. It is essential that they are exposed to the general routine and culture of people who are living their days. I use the word general because I am not trying to say that these people are not depressed. Most likely, general people are depressed/not necessarily living their dreams/stuck/not as orderly, beautiful, healthy and loving in their lives. But at the least, they are able to carry on with the necessities of life such as going to work to earn a living, eating, and socializing to keep it going. This routine and emerging into the active lives of others will help the person get back up on their feet. They may listen to stories of others which may be relatable, funny, feel connection, remember good memories, feel emotions, wonder about the future, reminded of their possibilities and capabilities, resonate with something they feel a close attraction or pull to, and feel the strength of relationships and trust.


Q. What does your resting space (bedroom/home) look like?

Q. What public spaces do you go to?

Q. What kind of energy do the people you interact with give off?

Q. Where do you live? *populated or unpopulated area | urbanized or rural area*


After this step, the person will be falling down a hill with momentum, yet not much control over the break or the left and right handles on a bike. It is essential that at this step, the person takes control of the handle to direct it to where one wants to go. At this step, it may be helpful to reflect about what works and doesn’t work for the person. Using the experiences while socializing with others, one must realize who he or she is or capable of or what their thinking style is. Only at the moment can they find hope and direction for how one must move on with life. Or else they will be stuck in the same routine, dull routine of others.


Q. Where do you receive value?

Q. What do you need to do to add value to where you receive value?


In addition to the importance of routine such as waking up when the sun is up, getting to bed by 11pm and having down time before bed, taking good care of one’s skin, health and comfort level in the home using colors and decorations, taking a shower and grooming to feel good and look good in the morning, it is essential to find one happy thought on a superficial level.


Q. What resources do you have?

Q. What are your pressing concerns that you have no control over? *Relating to finance, debt, safety, health, chores, to-do’s*

Q. What things do you own that you don’t use regularly?


One must breathe from the stomach with ease by not allowing the shoulders and chest to move up and down, as such movement induces feelings of anxiety. Feeling grounded, safe and healthy is essential to stop being depressed. This base feeling will allow a person to be lifted in spirits by having room to be excited. Listening to one’s favorite type of music that is peaceful, loving, and lively is essential. Something sexy such as r&b may work too. Being indulgent in a meaningful way such as enjoying time with friends, laughing, taking care of oneself by going to beautiful places, going to places where or how one would like to live, going to places where there is a lot of human effort for growth is important. It will not only remind the person of what he or she wants to do or be, it will give him or her imagery, something to admire to get to, and give hope that it is possible. And give him or her encouragement to get there.


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