Child–>Adult [financial dependence to self sufficient]

Going from child to adult is a big big big gap.

In order to bridge the gap, a child must learn a lot.

Often times, the parent does not have access to role models, mentors, or is a good example of a happy and healthy person one self.

A child must realize that the most important part of life is self-advocacy.

If a child, doesn’t believe in oneself, everything a child does will be not arise from self agency.

Confidence and conviction comes from within.

With a strong mentality a child will know what he/she wants or doesn’t want. What he/she is willing to do and what he/she is not willing to do. What is good or what isn’t.

A child needs to learn how to deal with pain, distress, and uncertainty.

A child will grow strong. A child will gain knowledge and wisdom. A child will earn money and be independent from its family, to live a life a child wants to live.


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