Girl–>Woman [self expression, sensuality, confidence]

How to go from girl

…to woman

Well, womanhood is quite simple.

Being a loving, sensual, and happy woman.

I can list a bunch of adjectives like: generous, gentle, bright, joyful, loving, kind, focused, relaxed, excited, listening, playful, and receptive.

She’s a woman who knows what it’s like to be loved. Who walks away when people treat her poorly. Who doesn’t despair when something negative happens. She keeps her chin up. She takes care of her beauty. She knows who she is and embraces it. She is simply kind to others and doesn’t stick around people who don’t treat her in a valuable way.

She is loving.

She takes care of people she is able to take care of.

A girl on the other hand, is cute. She doesn’t know the world yet. When she gets hurt, she feels confused. She might chase after things that she wants on a superficial level. She might get into fights with her friends and gossips. She might wear clothing that are on trend rather than clothes she enjoys wearing and feels good in.

A sensual woman wears clothing that makes her feel good. She feels extraordinary in her clothing because of how the clothing clings on her. It has nothing to do with how other people may perceive her. She likes to feel light, capable, and lovely.

A sensual woman is in tune with her surroundings. She is always connected to life around her, she knows her place in space and time. Her shoulders are relaxed, she cares about others. She takes care of her well-being. She thrives in love and beauty.

She embraces who she is as a woman. She is always trying to learn more about herself. She loves herself for who she is. She creates value, beauty, and order in the world.


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