Me–>We [selfish to self+community]

When you’re thinking just about yourself, you will harm others.

You have to think about how the world works.

You have to be careful of your energy use.

Be careful of who you get into romantic relationships with.

Be careful of saying no to others because you want more for yourself.

We are a community.

Be there for others when you aren’t working to change the world.

Be kind, loving, listening, non-judgmental.

The only change you want to make is by creating options for others to be educated, to learn, to use a product, to use a service.

Don’t try to change those around you.

Try to love those around you.

Stop buying stuff for yourself.

Learn to work hard, while loving yourself and others. Learn something cool, go out and have fun. Isn’t that what life is for? To have fun?


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