Positive Parenting: Empower your child

Parents have the responsibility of raising their child to be independent.

However, some parents have it wrong.

Some parents feel attached to their child.

A child is not something one owns. The moment a child is born, he/she is on his/her own.

In order to raise a child who will stand up for him/herself and live happily and healthily, the parent should do five things.

  1. Keep a habit of cleaning up the space in the home. No stuff you don’t use, no stuffing the closet with things, no food lying around. Keep food in the kitchen, away from sight. Keep things where they belong. A child raised in a home that is clean, minimal, and beautiful will feel the value of relaxing and living in such stable and comforting home.
  2. Don’t buy unhealthy foods for the home. When there is processed foods that are supposed to taste good and be addictive for the brain, it is difficult to resist the urge of joining in and eating together or be focused while working. It is essential that the child is free from easy access to addictive consuming behavior.
  3. Be a listener, and always be reading, learning, socializing. When you are a smart parent who is aware of what is happening around you, then your child will follow. If you are watching television or inactive or unhappy, the child will have trouble learning by example.
  4. Don’t ever yell or show anger directed toward your child. For your emotionally well being as well, don’t get angry. Anger arises from fear. [Understand and identify how you are triggered to feel angry, upset, or worried. Learn to be receptive to spontaneous events and act calmly and effectively. Your child will observe how you handle unexpected or negative events.] When you act out of anger toward your child and continue your relationship with your child, it will teach her/him that it is acceptable to be treated with anger in a loving relationship. This allowance of being treated poorly will teach the child to allow for crappy behavior from others outside of the home. You are a role model for a relationship that your child will be in. Don’t be an abuser.
  5. Put space between you and your child, so that your child will be curious about you, and want to learn about you. Be curious about your child, try to learn from your child. You are financially responsible and responsible for protecting your child from harm. That doesn’t mean you should know all about your child, or that you own your child. Develop a loving relationship with your child. It’s beautiful. Thrive in love within your family.

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