Dear children

Dear Boy Jr. & Girl Jr.

My children, you are the world. The world is everything you experience. Understand this. You will understand connection, love, your nature, and your place in the world.

Time is a part of the Universe. While you are alive, time is in your hands. The time you have is now, the moment you experience. Every moment, vibrate with excitement, learning, and nonjudgmental observance of the world. That includes you.

Childhood is a time for discovery. Adulthood is time for effort, focus and discovery.

When your problem is laziness, imagine that you are to die tonight. Feel the sense of urgency and clarity of what value you have to share with your people. Now, create that value –good enough.

When your problem is hopelessness, remove judgment against the world. When you are against the world, you are disconnected and suffering. Breathe in, pause, out. Experience now, accept everything. Allow everything to be as it is. Reconnecting to the world, vibrating with appreciation, find your focus and take action.

When your problem is living with no vision for humanity, seek to know your nature. Then live to create your vision. When the sunlight shines, it is your time to create. When the moonlight shines, it is your time to create order and sleep.

Live with small desire for consumption. Nurture your body. Support your mind. Open your heart. Live with great desire for play.

Be who you are, go where you need. You will know when conviction arises in your heart. Trust your conviction. Be intelligent. Embrace the uncertainty of the future. In the end of your life, you mattered. But truly, you are a speck in time and Universe. Do not let that go against you. You are the world. You have the power to create your vision, your fun, so, play.


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