Eating Once a Day

Eating is a form of consumption.

We are offered many choices for what to eat and when to eat.

I wondered, maybe eating is serving as a problem in my life.

My health is sensitive and I wondered how I can live gently by taking better care of my digestive system that is frail to trouble even when I keep a close to strict fresh foods-only eating style.

Some people eat to cope, some people eat for the pleasure of eating, and some people eat as part of a social norm.

I decided that eating once a day will free up time and mental space to focus on my projects.

Now, I feel my digestive health is working better for me.

I feel more focus during the day time to be working rather than thinking about what delicious food I’m going to be having for breakfast or lunch.

I like the freedom eating once a day gives me.

Try it. Have a wholesome, big meal per day.

I like to have seafood, tofu, or eggs for protein; tortilla chips, naengmyun, Korean rice for starchy carbs; and a variety of veggies for fibrous carbs and essential nutrition.

Drink water all day long. No caffeine. Enjoy. Try it?



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