No Electronics After Sunset

Better Sleep

Calm Mind

Lightening Ideas

Sounds like a gimmick or a life hack.

Sounds weird.

But that’s what happened to me when I decided to disconnect after sunset.

I didn’t decide to stop playing with my phone after sunset out of the blue.

It was more of a process.

One of my daily habits is to work all day and around sunset, I eat, and clean up around the home. I like to do the dishes, and take out the trash.

Afterwards, I’d return to whatever I believed I liked to do for relaxation and reward: constant reading online/watching movies with Amazon prime/looking up things online.

I started wondering about something:

I’ve been really enjoying following my body’s natural rhythms for living by leaving the light off during the day, and working with just the sunlight. And I secretly wished that my family will be okay with living my candle light after sunset so that I can have the full experience of following my body’s circadian rhythm.

After thinking its not a plausible act in 2016, I decided that I’ll disconnect from my phone completely and put my electronics away after sunset.


Now, I either chat with my family, play with my cats, lay on my bed to think about nothing and relax my body, or read a book. I fall asleep when I feel like it.

Benefits of change:

The sun has been setting around 7:30pm so I have a good 3-5 hours of complete relaxation where I’m not constantly provoked to look up things that I’m curious about on the internet, and continue the media consumption by clicking around and finally disconnecting before it is sleep time.

My sleep time feels natural, I’ve become aware of how strange it was that I’d be on my phone a lot, and how amazing it feels to be relaxed.

I’m able to relax at the end of the day, and wake up early in the morning without struggle.

I believe the reason I had trouble waking up in the morning was because of how wound up I was even at night when I thought I was relaxing by looking up things on the internet or reading on the internet.

For you:

Try it. Disconnect from consumption. Lose your ego. Relax your body. Clear your mind.

If your body and mind is like mine, you’ll sleep better, you’ll wake up with no struggle, and you’ll feel relaxed and open to thoughts and feelings you haven’t experienced before.



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