Media, Perfectionism, and Happiness

Be silent.

In silence we can hear and see a lot of things that we were blind to.

In silence we can hear the laughter and see the happiness.

If we wake up to what’s happening to us now, our past and our future glides down past our head, down our neck, and our spine to the ground.

We don’t need to worry, we don’t need to have regrets.

Acceptance is about accepting and opening ourselves to seeing and listening to our world the way it is.

Don’t let our thoughts take over the truth of what is happening in the world around us.

Our livelihood comes alive when we are able to listen and accept the way things are.

And be curious about what is possible, what is needed, what is wanted in our lives, in our world.

Emotional intelligence and happiness arises when fear is out of sight.

When we are relaxed, when we are in our element.

So what if we were always relaxed, always accepting the world as it is, and always listening?

That would fill the world with happier, less stressed people.

Sometimes, we might fall into the comparison trap. Comparing ourselves to our peers or to anyone in the media.

We might stare in the mirror or at each other and wonder or judge why not more? Why not better looking? Why not smarter? Why not richer?

But acceptance and love doesn’t start from a place of comparison and judgment filled eyes.

Acceptance, love, and change starts from a place of understanding, knowledge, and wisdom.

Wisdom and patience to see things the way they are and work for what we want with a relaxed and happy attitude is beautiful.

Let’s be happy.




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