On living a good life

Don’t believe anyone.

Experience for yourself.

Open your eyes to see what’s around you, listen to hear the sounds of everything except your thoughts or others’ voices, smell and breathe, and touch.

Breathe really deep. Like you are so safe and everything is good, everything you want is right here with you. This isn’t some meditation bullshit. I’m talking about your life. If you aren’t homeless or sick or in the middle of somewhere you are in danger then your life is an excess. You are surrounded by excess.

I noticed how since I was a young child, aside from traditional schooling, I was not exposed to the wonders of the world. I was surrounded by what people built, what people sold, what people said. I had no space to grow, to wonder, and to think.

How can we think when we are surrounded by advertisements, interviews, gossips, books, teachers, and friends who tell us what to think, or what is right, or what is moral, or what is being successful?

It is time that those of us who live with excess, by excess I mean with anything beyond our safety: so having more than one outfit to wear, more than just enough food for the day, more than one pair of shoes, more than just enough to survive and be healthy –to start wondering, to start being curious, to start questioning, to start living to understand more.

I’m sad that once the whole Earth was filled with life, and now parts and bits are being taken away. Landfills, buildings, pollution, and waste are destroying our planet.

I’m unsure of what is right or what is good.

But I know that freedom to live comes from inside. It doesn’t come from what your mom said is important in life, or what a motivational speaker said. It comes from within. And I think it may take undoing. Undoing all of the false beliefs we carry with us daily.

Starting from not being blank enough to not have blank enough.

We don’t need all that we are taught that we need.

We don’t need romantic love, we don’t need status, we don’t need beauty, we don’t need more items.

What we need is to be a community again. To share and love. To wonder and learn. To protect and smile. To conserve and recycle. To take care and to appreciate. To be curious and open minded.


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