Sickness and Humanity

My life right now is one of isolation.

I live at home with my parents. I don’t work or volunteer. I don’t do anything for other people. My parents provide for me, and I’m on a personal vacation from all responsibilities that await me.

I have no interest in helping others. I’m satisfied with sleeping a lot.

I don’t care for other people.

A turning point in my life is when I became sick. I felt awful and wondered who can help me. I viewed doctors as being motivated by self interest more than a desire to treat patients as they would want to be treated if they were sick.

I suffer from allergic eczema and psoriasis that don’t heal and leave ugly marks on my legs and arms. I live in a neighborhood with million dollar houses and top doctors in our cutting edge hospital who put more money in their pockets but have failed to treat me with the care that I need.

I read that certain communities center around their sick people.

There is the conflicting interest of do I live the good life, the rich life, the socially approved life, the comfortable life, the expendable/superfluous/disposable life because there are plenty of other people who live that way? Or do I live the humble life, the thoughtful life, the treat others with love life?

It’s a difficult question for me.

Philosophers are idealistic people. And I wonder if it’s good to be idealistic. I am idealistic by nature. And I wonder if it’s worth it to keep pursuing the greater good.

Respect for life, the nature of life, and being scientists of our own lives may be the cure to social distress and sickness that still exists on Earth. 

Policy that encourages people to thrive and be who they need to be– we need that. Meritocracy is good only if it nurtures our community. I don’t know how well meritocracy is nurturing our community during a time of fierce competition for personal gain and people who have failed to grow up in advantaged households who are stuck to a lifetime of labor and lack of intellectual discovery.

Social utopia, how would that look?


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