Mental Health

  1. Stop thinking. Breathe, feel, taste, run, walk, listen, watch, smell. Look up to the sky. Feel my heart pump. Feel the Earth spinning a full circle every 24 hours.
  2. Things are tools. My life is life. Plants grow when they are watered. Water myself. Parent myself. Love myself. Be myself. Feel myself. Express myself. Be unafraid. Be bold.
  3. Get focused. Learn, work/volunteer, practice, create, imagine
  4. Don’t compare to anything
  5. Visualize myself standing in front or next to myself. Ask what do you need? And give it.
  6. Get focused. Get focused. Get focused. There is no time for depression or anxiety. Keep walking, keep working, keep smiling. Talk, sing, jump, dance, cry, anything!! Don’t sleep it out. Walk it out.
  7. Get focused. Really. Get back to the system that works. Get up with the sun. Wind down with the sun. Get off the internet or negative judgmental or anxiety provoking thoughts. Be present. Think about what happened in the past 24 hours.
  8. Get focused. What is one focus? Right now, it’s doing well in school by learning as much as I am capable of. Is what is in my mind helping that goal or detracting from that goal? Do everything to stay on track. And take a break when it’s night time.
  9. Remember what I love. Remember what life is all about. Life is about living. I’m like a tree. Or like a tiger. I’m here to live. Experience. Do. Do. Do.
  10. Remember showers feel amazing. Showers feel better than naps.

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