Is emptiness the key to happiness?

What is a human being when stripped of everything?

No clothes, no food, no water, no home, no place to wash and be clean.

How is it possible to feel good, to smile, to feel comfortable, to feel confident, to feel at ease?

I feel disturbed about being lonely.

Living in my room by myself feels bad. In the morning, I don’t hear the bird chirp or the sun rise. My blinds are down for the fear that someone may jump in my window to harrass me. I can’t wake up with the sun light. I stay awake at night, worrying about my boyfriend finding someone else to love, or me never being able to get a job. I can get rid of the thoughts, but I can’t get rid of the uncomfortable feelings.

People seek connection. Connection to each other. Cuddling feels nice because being warm helps people survive in the winter.

Why is it that there are actions that are predetermined for feelings of happiness, and what if a person doesn’t have access to those actions? Are we left to be in pain?

How about the need to talk about ourselves, to have ourselves understood, or to know someone for who they really are?

Is that an illusion?

Are we simply empty beings of life?


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