Words, emotion, needs, senses, food

Sweet –chocolate-strawberry-yogurt-cheesecake

Yummy –fried chicken-mashed potato

sexy –steak-salt and pepper-noodles

Spicy –burrito-Korean food-hot sauce

#If I feel alone, cold, dry, weak I’ll eat something spicy or sweet to soothe myself#

Words and emotion: comparative words, meanings

“She is sweet” “Food tastes sweet”

How we experience the world through senses:

bright, wide, airy, soft, natural, green, smooth



2 thoughts on “Words, emotion, needs, senses, food”

  1. I’ve agreed with most if not all of your Obama commentary, but I think you’re wrong about this one, Steve. First off, having not actually heard the show and just looking at the bare text of his response, that strikes me as the sort of reiannsble-souodang, soothing rhetoric on race that Obama has always sold to his white audiences, and the very type of stuff that has carried him to this point. It’s now his persona to utter deep-sounding but empty nonsense that makes people see him as the post-racial messiah. Jesus was not a jokester.


  2. I tried to compile and install it on Kubuntu 8.04. In fact configuring, compilation and installation process looked fine, no error message. However, neither starting a new session nor waiting nor executing kbuildsycoca4 made the plasmoid appear in the list


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