Being me

Now, I’ve gotten used to the way of life here.

I have a better understanding of my priorities, and my place in life.

The way I understand it, I’m in college. I’m a student.

My priorities are to understand course material and submit assignments on time.

To exercise daily, eat local fresh foods, and lose fat down to 95lb.

To not buy items.

To free everything from my reigns: people, anything…

My system is working well because of how simple it is.

Yet, I am so far from where I want to be.

I want to be like Edgar Allen Poe or Leonardo DaVinci.

Are those kind of people genetically superior?

I have the ambition. And truthfully, I feel that I’m getting there yet I am still so far…

I still deal with daily cravings for food, food picture browsing, and online fashion browsing…

To live life without entertainment or consumption I think must be so freeing and lovely.

I want to live a life of work. I want to live a life of curiosity.



1 thought on “Being me”

  1. Argh, Halloween at yalls' place is the best thing ever! We got bogged down in exams and the Squidgelet goes to bed at 6 anyway, so we took a pass on this yea28#&r30; good to see somebody got to burn something. ; )


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