How to eat noodles with fresh vegetables

Boil your pot of noodles in broth or without broth.

Have a wide plate with your clean vegetables like cilantro, bean sprout, julienned peppers, anything.

Then, while you keep the noodles boiling, if you can eat it without the noodles becoming shapeless and soggy by eating it quickly,

transfer a chopstick full of noodles to the plate with heaping vegetables.

Eat the fresh vegetables wrapped around the noodles.

You get to eat the noodles wrapped in hot broth, but just cold enough because of the vegetables to protect your mouth.


I like to do this with heaping cilantro and any type of vegetable.

I find that this method works best because you don’t overcook the vegetable by putting it in the pot and shutting the heat off,

you get to eat delicious hot noodles with broth, whereas if you transferred all the noodles to your plate, it would have less broth and it would get cold.

Yay!!! Noodle and vegetable love


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