I’m homefree

Canceling my rental, I’m homefree.

Don’t ask me where I will be staying, that’s not your business.

But I will tell you this.

There are a large number of homeless people.

They have no opportunities. No support systems. No role models.

Being selfish is something that I wasn’t aware of.

I thought that I was not selfish. But when someone close to me borrowed $2500 from me, I felt so irritated. I felt that I couldn’t believe she would take that money, knowing that I don’t earn money as she does. I couldn’t believe that she would have the audacity to borrow that money, or any money while she herself has a job and lives at a higher standard than I do. Then I looked at myself. What have I done in my life for another?

But the question isn’t about what I’ve done for another. The question is at what point do we try to help people who can’t help us back vs. try to make things better for people who already have it better?

There are no businesses that are trying to help homeless, sick, single mom, low income people. There are plenty of businesses making little gadgets and tools and services for people who have the means to pay them.



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