The problem isn’t the homeless

The problem isn’t the homeless.

The problem isn’t the low income.

The problem isn’t the single mothers or fathers.

The problem is that these people are ostracized.

They are viewed as stupid, unwanted, dirty, lazy, incapable, dependents.

All life is precious. If our communities were inclusive and reached out to those people, life would be better because we are all connected to one another. Your suffering is my suffering.

It’s okay to be homeless, it’s okay to be low income, it’s okay to be a single parent.

But if the rest of us gave relational support to someone who is a single parent, didn’t think less of them then things will be different.

You choose how you live your life. If you choose to be homeless then that is it. But it would be good if you want to change your life and someone is ready to hold your hand.

Helping one another to achieve win win is important.


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