How to feel good in 24 hours

  1. Drink 3 liters of water spaced out. so get a 0.5 liter water bottle. when you wake up in the morning, let’s say 8am, drink 2x the water bottle. then for 9am, drink 1/4 of the bottle, 10am, drink another 1/4 so the bottle should be half filled. continue for 11am, 12pm. by now you would’ve had 3x the water bottle. so 1.5liters. half your day is gone. continue for the remaining half.
  2. eat vegetables- white, red, orange, yellow, green, purple
  3. eat nuts and seeds
  4. eat eggs, seafood, meat
  5. think third level. if what you’re trying to do is hopeless then you aren’t thinking deeply enough
  6. see yourself from a third perspective when dealing with trouble. if you are addicted to fast food and are thinking about fast food, how it’ll make you feel good, then think about it as though you are someone else. you visualize yourself wanting to eat food that was not made with love. it’s silly. it’s so obviously silly. so stop thinking about whatever it is that is harming you. it will harm you and you know it.
  7. 24 hours. it goes quick. you wake up, go to work, then it’s time for bed. no wonder everyday seems to fly by but without progress or real love or real amazing things happening. you need to continue whatever it is that you love. did you love reading? drawing? singing? writing? studying? thinking? go back to where you stopped and continue it. you’re in charge
  8. relationally –a lot of people are social. you either live with people or work with people. all people want different things, have different preferences. so if you don’t get what you want, you get upset. if they don’t get what they want, they get upset. during times of transitions there is more stress. recognize that they are driven by the same desires even if the actual method of fulfillment is different. so your desires are equal to their desires. your mistakes equal to theirs. your secrets equal to theirs. when people harrass you, bother you, do things you don’t like, lie to you, yell at you, put you down, repeat what they think over and over again, breathe and be peaceful. center yourself. be connected. listen to what it is they are thinking about, what they want. make sure you are hydrated. forgive them for hurting you or threatening you. feel how they feel. feel how you feel.
  9. find confidence. find confidence in your ideas. find confidence in yourself. confidence is certainty and commitment. be confident that you will make a difference. be confident that you will be loving to others as you will be to yourself. be confident that you will take good care of yourself. be confident that you are in friendly terms with all people. be confident that you will try as hard as you can and learn from your mistakes.
  10. life is really short. every single human has experienced all of your emotions. those egyptians, greeks, romans, koreans, indians. etc. we’ve been around a very long time. so be simple and low maintenance. breathe, drink water and eat fresh foods with nutrition to keep your body well maintained. exercise for health. and pursue your interests and share them, develop them, study them, research them to do something that goes beyond yourself. be socialized. be smart. know how to be social. know how to be extroverted. know how others feel. know how you feel.
  11. it’s really important in dealing with trouble to not dwell on the trouble. to be centered. to be aware of the passage of time. to be aware of the cyclical nature of 24 hours. if you know the person you are always around gives you negativity then be prepared for it rather than being upset everytime it happens. if you are aware you need money then get to work. if you are aware you get tired at night then be productive in the morning. be smart. jump when there are hurdles. don’t stay there confused. lick your wounds but forgive any wrongs anyone does. it might be that you’re only hurt because of your idea of how things should’ve been. there is no right or wrong really.

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