Why relationships fail

Relationships fail because

  1. people are afraid and selfish
  2. life isn’t fair
  3. people don’t trust themselves
  4. people don’t trust each other

in what world are people honest, loving and kind?

warm, open, and vulnerable?

in hard working, educated, disciplined world with a culture of love, support and connection

in a world where people are vulnerable to tell the truth always and to speak true feelings that are valuable.

imagine that you come from a place of abundance.

abundant basket of people to love you

abundant basket of nutritious foods

abundant bucket of water

abundant clean clothes, supplies to keep you clean

abundant beautiful colors and items to decorate yourself

abundant ideas to keep you strong and good looking

abundant space to grow and to forgive

abundant time to love and to explore

so what can you do to create that world if you come a place of lack?


  1. hold down a job by being capable and trustworthy
  2. be kind, welcoming to others, enjoy peoples presence, work together, listen
  3. save money
  4. speak up and say ow that hurt. please do this instead
  5. exercise, eat for nutrition, cleanliness, order, beauty
  6. learn, read
  7. create love, share love which is work you choose–business idea

I want to live a life where one day I can say, this is the life I believe in. This is the love I believe in.


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