day 1 8 hours programming

Tracking progress, like a portfolio, time sheet, capability

6am-1pm 6.27.17

7am it’s like doing algebra. need to be good at the basic things, then the theretical knowledge, logic, and lots of practice problems come into play to get good at the overall programming

what went wrong at cornell was that i wasn’t able to spend 8 hours straight solving problems, asking for help, understanding what i was supposed to do. so if i’m able to stay on a daily 8 hour productive period, i’m definitely capable of programming. i just didn’t want to work hard at thinking or solving problems because i didn’t feel interested or motivated

i’m trying to find programming interesting or to be good at it.

read as though someone is teaching it to me for 8 hours straight. be focused. try practice problems. also take ‘me’ out of this. think happy fairy is preparing to be intelligent problem solver who makes 550 a day in 8 hours.

i want to live a transparent and logical and happy life. instead of sleeping or doing nothing, i want to be interested in things, being responsible for financially supporting myself, cats and family to live in a safe home, eat healthy fresh foods, appreciate what others have explored and thought and created, and intelligent. i want to be able to live stream my life and feel proud of where i am. i want to be able to be in a relationship with amazing version of b. in order to do that i need to also be an amazing version of myself.

i want to feel like doing this. feel like staying awake. feel in the most gutteral level, engagement, and happiness. i want to shed false beliefs that tell me to lay down

of course if i want to earn 550 dollars in . 8 hours i have to be super productive, analytical, thinking, creative, and focused

imagine i’m collaborating, imagine i’m outside at the beach or in the woods with my friends learning how to tackle these problems, encouraging each other, teaching each other, showing different methods to each other, totally independent of the things i’m surrounded by

rewards i look forward to: giving mom and dad nice place to live, giving myself nice place to live in a wooden cabin, giving my cats cool drone toys to play with, giving my cats a golf course to run around in, giving myself an auto driving tesla to take me to nature places, flying with flyboard air, doing water sports, doing sky diving, snorkeling, wearing a gorgeous gown daily, being with equally amazing B, reading, and laughing, safe, generous, trusting, happy, secure, healthy, feel good, rain, very nice skin, 86lb body, livestreaming my entire life to show what it takes to live a responsible, happy life, nice chair made in norway

i understand the value of grades. because grades show the ability of someone to focus, solve problems, have a sense of urgency, ask for help, be good at something,

how to do my work: read every single word, do practice problems


I thought of changing to personal training because I fell asleep for a bit because it just feels no good to be sitting and staring at abstract descriptions and problems. I also thought of doing something else like watching married at first sight and making notes about people and relationship dynamic. but since it’s only 6 hours left i’ll stick with programming and see what i have left.


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