Happy 행복한 하은


Why did I create this website? It’s a core of life to be connected, to feel good, to know what you are worth, to know how to love people, to know how to receive, and to know how to have fun. “Our task – and the task of all education – is to understand the present world, the world in which we live and make our choices” – E. F. Schumacher

Let’s play and laugh.

Enter? (Yes) (No, I want something else)(Maybe, So?)

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What I hope to do for someone:

*Share truth

*Utilize knowledge, resources, and energy for a better life for me and them

Future of this website:

*sensual experience where people can come to feel good… learn something, laugh, be inspired, have hope

*About emotional intelligence and philosophy education for well being and smart decision making. The use of software, video games, metaphysical stories, fashion design, and nature immersion, tasty and healthy food to aid education. Education with the purpose of elevating life in community, not divisive competition.

*Educational content for anyone around the world by removing language barrier with illustrations and translations

*Feel good & ethical clothing: BRAIN

*Educational games/tools/systems

* software engineering/story telling/video game design in field of education or philosophy/comparative literature

Main five :

  1. debunk fantasies
  2. breathe, listen, experience, observe this moment
  3. open one’s awareness to possibilities and curiosities
  4. create a system to follow, have access to tools
  5. smile and feel good now, knowing that the self is not a real thing-humility, gratitude — feel connected to all, and experience connection of all things


Strategic Withdrawal: any act you can devise, any psycho-spiritual act at all, that embodies a willingness to wait for the world to disclose itself to you, rather than to disclose yourself, your altruism, your creativity, skills, energy, ideas and (let’s face it) agenda, myopia, preconceptions, delusions, addictions and inappropriate trajectories to the world.

–David James Duncan, American novelist and essayist


What does success look like for a human being? That depends on what you think a human being is. In order to ask these questions, you need a world view: a coherent view, a metaphysical commitment to something. It’s like having an answer to the kind of questions a security guard will ask you if he finds you in the middle of the night: who are you, what are you doing here, and where are you going. No matter how you address the question –success or pursuit of happiness, we have an intuitive response to that. It shapes how you live. It’s self evident that how we choose to live our life cannot be separated by what we believe in. “

–Charles Lee, Professor at Stanford


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