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Original writings by Haeun Héloïse Kim (note: photos are from the web, not mine):


How! to Kill every Doubt(?) you have | The Happy Fairy book

Philosophy | Harmony-Infinity-Navigating

Skeleton Schedule of a Stoic


Bridge Intentions and Behaviors

Clothes on my back: Minimalist Consumer

Me–>We [selfish to self+community]

Conflict–>Freedom [judging to perceiving]

Feel Nothing–>Feel Everything [intuition, feeling biological rhythm, adapting]

Have Nothing–>Have Vision [health, safety, resource, dream, selfless to self+community]

Passive Thinking–>Critical Thinking [mindless to creative, ignorant to problem solving]

Girl–>Woman [self expression, sensuality, confidence]

Child–>Adult [financial dependence to self sufficient]

Dependent–>Independent [confusion to conviction in heart, inaction to action]

We need vision, confidence, and self-love


Poor Parenting to Good Parenting

Don’t label yourself as weak

Message in a bottle

Eating Once a Day-Minimalist Eating

No Electronics After Sunset



Troubleshooting Q&A



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